Dealing with a wet basement

A rainy February day in Seattle.

A wet basement is something that can't be ignored. You need to take care of it. So what do you do when you spot the problem?

Kevin Brasler, executive editor of, suggests trying a few things before you call a basement waterproofing service

"We find that a lot of basement waterproofing services will propose really expensive solutions that just manage the water once it gets into your basement, as opposed to really solving the problem from the outside where it starts,” Brasler said.

Try a few simple things, he advises, before you hire someone to break up the basement and install a drainage system.

"Like cleaning out your clogged gutters, extending your gutter downspouts, so that they splash far away from the sides of your home,” Brasler told me. β€œAnd if those simple things don't work, then you can re-grade. It's a lot less expensive than doing a lot of interior work."

If that doesn't fix the problem, get an independent opinion from a drainage specialist or home inspector with expertise in drainage issues.

"Really, the goal is to get water flowing away from the walls of your home, not to manage it once it gets into your home,” Brasler said.

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