Crunchy snack chips that have less fat and fewer calories

Super Bowl Sunday is not the time to watch your waistline. Chips and dip are just a part of watching the game.

But, if you'd like to munch on chips with fewer calories and a lot less fat, try popped chips.

"They have a chip shape, but they are a little bit lighter and because of that process, they have roughly half the fat and fewer calories than a regular fried potato chip," explained Sue Perry, deputy editor of Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine.

Remember, the sodium count of popped chops tends to be about the same as fried chips.

So how do they taste?

"We sampled about eight of them and we found that they were all pretty tasty," Perry told me.

PopCorners Kettle chips were rated the best of the bunch. Tasters said they have a "big corn flavor and are a bit more sweet than salty." PopCorners Kettle was also the cheapest per serving.

Kellogg's Special K Popcorn Chips gave the most crunch for the calories. The magazine's tasters liked the "salty and sweet flavor" of the Kellogg's Special K Popcorn Chips.

Looking for a bit more fiber, then look for popped-chip made from beans.

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