Creative ways to keep your pooch active inside

You try not to let the weather stop you from doing things, but let's be honest -- when it's cold and rainy, it's not as much fun to be outside with the dog.

Fido still needs physical activity and mental stimulation. Dog trainer, Mikkel Becker, who writes for has some creative ways to keep your pooch active inside.

'If your dog is a fetcher, you can still play fetch inside. Just do it with a plush toy, something that's a little bit softer and is less likely to cause any damage," he said.

Mikkel likes to use puzzles to encourage activity.

"So rather than feeding your dog out of a food bowl, try and use food puzzles," he said. "These are hollowed-out toys that you can fill with treats or peanut butter or anything like that."

And then there are find-the-treat games.

"Where you toss kibble across the room so you dog has to race over, go grab the kibble and then come back," he said.

A structured game of tug is another option. Or use some chairs and blankets to make a home agility course.

"It doesn't matter to your dog if it's a really expensive agility course or a homemade one, just as long as they're staying active and having fun."

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