Cooking fires triple on Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving dinner what comes to mind? Maybe turkey or stuffing or pumpkin pie.

At the Consumer Product Safety Commission it means a lot of house fires.

"Every day in the U.S. there are 400 fires, which is really a very scary number when you think about it," said CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson. "That actually triples on Thanksgiving day. There are about1,300 all across the country."

Wolfson says a lot of these fires are caused by the improper use of turkey fryers.

"It is critically important if you're using a turkey fryer to thaw the turkey thoroughly before you put it in," he explained. "We have done a demonstration at CPSC with a frozen turkey. The flames shot higher than you can imagine. People could die, your house could burn down."

So if you use a fryer, make sure you have the oil at the right temperature and you're working with a thawed turkey.

And have a fire extinguisher or two nearby, just incase the worst happens.

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