Consumer Reports' best picks for efficient toilets

Here's one of those amazing facts: during your lifetime, you will flush a toilet more than 140,000 times. And each one of those flushes uses water.

Consumer Reports' Bob Markovich and his group sized up the popular Kohlers, as well as dozens of other toilets in the quest for the best.

The tests include dual-flush toilets. They have a lower volume flush for liquid waste. Another way to spot a water saver - the government's Watersense label.

"Toilets that use less water can save you more than $90 a year on your utility bills," said Markovich.

To see how well the toilets work, Consumer Reports flushed down a variety of objects, including sponges and plastic balls.

While many Kohlers did well in this test, its Devonshire K-3488 left some things behind.

"As for liquid waste, all the toilets rated excellent. That's a first in our toilet tests," said Markovich.

Testers built this structure to test for noise -- another problem with many toilets. A meter measures the sound level.

When all the tests were done, Consumer Reports named two best buys for $100 -- Aquasource AT1203-00 toilet available at Lowe's, and Glacier Bay N2316, a dual-flush toilet sold at Home Depot. They both have the Watersense label, so you'll be conserving water and keeping your utility bills down.

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