Consumer Alert: Don't get sacked by fake playoff tickets

You want to go to this weekend's playoff game and you don't have ticket.

There are thousands of tickets for sale, if you're willing to pay the super-sized price.

Before you rush online... slow down and think. You don't want to do something stupid,
like buy tickets you see advertised in an online classified ad.

Buy tickets this way and there's no way to know what you might get.

"Those tickets could be stolen, they could be counterfeit or they could not even exist at all," said David Quinlan with the Better Business Bureau; "You never know."

Quilan says be suspicious of any ad that promises playoff tickets at a discount. That's just not going to happen. And never wire money. That's the warning sign of a scam.

If you shop online, stick to reputable and trusted websites, such as StubHub. Of course, the safest place to shop online is the NFL Ticket Exchange run by Ticketmaster.

Remember, when you use a reputable ticket reseller, you can pay with a credit card which gives you
the most fraud protection. GO HAWKS!

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