Check with an arborist before taking down that tree

One of the great things about living in the Northwest is all of the trees. Well-cared-for trees add beauty and value to your home.

A lot of trees come down during our winter storms and that can be a real danger.

If you have a tree that you suspect is diseased or structurally unsound, you might want to contact an arborist before you take it down.

"Arborists love trees," said Angie Hicks of Angie's List. "They want to preserve the trees, so they're going to give you a good assessment if there's truly something and they're going to tell you if there's a problem because if you catch things early you might be able to treat the issue and not have to lose the tree."

Hicks says cutting down a tree is dangerous; a job best left to professionals. Don't just hire anyone with a chainsaw.

"If the company is not properly insured, it can cost you big by going the cheap route," Hicks said. "If somebody's injured on your property and they don't have workers comp insurance, that's a claim on your homeowners insurance. If they drop a tree limb on your roof and it damages your roof or they don't have liability insurance, that's another claim for you."

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