Cat bite? Maybe you rubbed it the wrong way

If you have a cat, it's happened to you: You're scratching her favorite spot and she's purring with pleasure when all of a sudden she turns on you.

Why do cats do this?

No one really knows for sure. That's why Dr. Marty Becker with says skip the belly rubs if you want to avoid these "love bites."

"A cat is both prey and predator and when they're on their back, that's the prey mode. Usually they're about to die when they're on their back and expose their belly. So, just stay away from that area. Keep your handling around their head, around the base of their ears, and up over their back," says Dr. Becker.

Also, be very attune to feline body language.

"Most veterinary behaviorists actually think they're showing you signs that they don't want to be petted, but by the time the owners notice, they gone past that off switch and into the point to where they are going to get bitten," Dr. Becker says.

Dr. Becker says it you're being bitten, try to relax. It isn't easy to do, but when you relax, the cat relaxes. If you pull away or do something seen as aggressive, they'll bite down even harder.

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