Can you save by driving around to look for cheaper gas?

      Soaring prices are driving people to actively search for cheaper gasoline. How far would you go to save a few cents per gallon?

      A recent survey by the National Association of Convenience Stores shows most people would drive 5 minutes to save 5 cents a gallon. More than a third would drive 10 minutes to save 10 cents a gallon.

      But is that drive really saving you money or are you spending more in gas to get there?

      "Driving around aimlessly is a complete waste of time and money," says Greg Laskoski of His advice: find the cheapest gas you can along your daily commute.

      Gas Buddy has a fuel calculator that tells you if that extra drive for cheaper gas saves money or not.

      By punching in the numbers, I found that driving 10 miles to save 10 cents a gallon ($3.79 instead of $3.89) would cost me 45 cents more for that fill-up. Driving a mile to save 2 cents a gallon would only save me 11 cents. That's hardly worth it.


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      Are you wasting money looking for cheaper gas?

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