Can nasal strips help stop snoring?

If you snore, or your bed-mate does, you may have wondered if using nasal strips, like Breathe Right, could help. The editors at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter decided to look into that.

"We were pretty skeptical about them, but we found a couple of good papers that suggested that for the right person, they might help to prevent snoring,” said Dr. John Swartzberg, head of the editorial board at the Wellness Letter.

They may be worth a try, he said, if the snoring is caused by nasal congesting, such as from a cold or allergy, or nasal obstruction, such a deviated septum.

"One test you can do to see if they're going to help is to plug one side of your nose and then take a deep breath in and if that other side collapses, the nasal strips might help,” Swartzberg said. β€œIt can't hurt and they're not very expensive."

Dr. Swarztberg cautions that nasal strips are not for any other problem with your breathing, such as sleep apnea. For that, you need to see a doctor.

And he said, there is no good evidence nasal strips are a benefit during exercise.

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