Buying a car? Read this first

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When you buy a car there are certain charges and fees you're going to pay.

There's the destination fee that covers the cost of moving that vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealer. And there’s the title & registration fee that gets you a temporary license tag, so you can drive your new car or truck home.

You should also expect the dealer to pitch you a bunch of extras that can increase their profit and drive up your cost:

Extra rust proofing or undercoating: Consumer Reports says you don't need it. Today’s vehicles are built to withstand corrosive weather and road condition.

Extra fabric protection: You can skip that, too. The editors say it's "just expensive Scotchgard."

Paint sealant: Consumer Reports calls it "little more than a vastly overpriced liquid wax you can easily purchase from an auto-supply shop for $10 or less."

And just say no to credit life insurance to pay off your car loan if you die. A standard term life insurance policy from an insurance company is a much smarter way to go. Consumer Reports says it will be cheaper and give your family the option of how to use the proceeds if something happens to you.

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