Burger toppings that won't balloon your waistline

A plain hamburger is boring. Toppings make it special, but things like cheese bacon or mayo add calories and fat.

The folks at Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine recommend five alternative toppings that are better for you.

Fire-roasted bell peppers have just 5 calories per tablespoon and you'll get some added Vitamin A and C.

Chimichurri sauce is a spicy blend of onion, garlic, parsley, vinegar and olive oil.

ShopSmart's editors say it "wakes up any type of burger for just 50 calories per tablespoon."

Mango Chutney or Tzatsiki sauce will add a flavorful kick to lamb burgers.

And how about Kimchi? Use these Korean picked veggies to add "a fat-free, pungent kick" to beef and poultry burgers.

However you top them, be sure to cook your burgers to a safe temperature to prevent food poisoning. That means at least 160 degrees for beef and lamb and at least 165 degrees for ground turkey. Use an instant-read digital thermometer and be sure to inset it into the center of the burger.

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