Bullseye Pee Pads: Do they work?

Bullseye Pee Pads promise to solve the problem of dogs using only a part of the pad and messing up the floor. The promoters say their pads are "specifically designed with pheromones, so your dog is drawn to the center of the pad."

In concept, the dog hits the bullseye target in the center every time, instead of using random parts of the pad, missing the pad, and making a mess on the floor.

Hailee Greenberg agreed to try the Bullseye pads with her silky terrier. She says Paisley never quite hits the center of her pee pads and sometimes misses them altogether. After trying the pads for 4 days, Greenberg said Paisley used the corner of one pad. Then the dog went back to the same pad and used it a second time. The second time around she started off-center but ended up covering most of the bulls eye target. Paisley also used a different bullseye pad, but with that pad, she followed her old habit of peeing the corner.

"It was a little bit on the edges here and there," said Greenberg. "One time she went a little bit closer to the center."

But the dog never once went right in the center of the pad, like the package claims. Greenberg did notice that unlike the pee pads she normally uses, the edges of the Bullseye pads did not leak when Paisley got too close to the edge.

"My floor stayed dry, but she didn't really pee in the center," Greenberg said.

But on day 6, Greenberg sent a photo showing how Paisley had not only missed the pheromone target on the Bullseye pad, she'd missed the entire pad- and piddled on the floor next to the pad.

The verdict seems to be about 50/50 on this one. Some owners who've tried Bullseye Pee Pad say their dogs hit the target, other dogs never quite figure it out. Experts say each dog is different. Greenberg wonders if her shy little pet needs more time to get the hang of things. She and Paisley agreed to keep working on it and let me know if anything changes. A pack of 30 Bullseye Pee Pads sells for about 13 dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and other retailers that carry As Seen On TV products.