Brain-booster pills a waste of money

It's natural. You get older and you start worrying about your memory.

All sorts of products promise to help keep you mentally sharp. The problem is there's just no proof these brain-boosters work.

"There really isn't anything yet that we know of that will do that for you, that will improve your memory or your thinking," says David Schardt, senior nutritionist for the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

"There's a study here and a study there that might show some slight benefit, but overall, the vast majority of the studies show these products just don't improve memory or cognition in healthy people."

Schardt says most of the ingredients in these brain boosters are fairly harmless.

"It's mostly a waste of money."

His advice: Forget Focus Factor and Senior Moment.

If you want to stay mentally sharp you need to stay active - both mentally and physically. Regular exercise is important, even walking can help.

Eat fish, reduce the saturated fat and trans fats in your diet, and lose weight to prevent type 2 diabetes which can accelerate cognitive decline.

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