Avoid trampoline injuries with simple safety rules

A trampoline is great fun. It can also be incredibly dangerous.

Kids can get hurt any time they play, but trampoline injuries can be very serious. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says 95,000 people were hurt on a trampoline last year, badly enough to require treatment in a hospital emergency room.

Here are three common ways people get hurt:
They collided with another person on the trampoline;
They land improperly while jumping or doing stunts;
They fall on the springs or frame.

If you have a trampoline, the safety commission urges you to follow these simple rules:

Only one person on at a time, no somersaults, and don't use the trampoline unless it has shock-absorbing pads that completely cover the springs, hooks and frame.

Keep the trampoline away from any structure or trees.

Kids under 6 years old should not be on an adult-sized trampoline.

You can also reduce the risk of injury by installing an enclosure around the trampoline.

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