Avoid cancer-causing chemicals with expert grill tips

Funny things happen to meat and poultry when it's cooked, especially on the grill. The heat can create potentially cancer-causing chemicals called HCAs.

No need to stop grilling, just follow these simple tips from Nutrition Action Healthletter.

Marinate your meat or chicken."It doesn't seem to matter what's in the marinade of how long the food sits in the liquid," the editors say. A simple dip before you throw it on the grill should do the trick.

Microwave that meat or chicken for about two minutes and then pour off the juices. That should eliminate 90 percent of the HCA's from forming on the grill.

Don't overcook the meat. You want to keep it moist. Cooking the meat until it's well-done creates more HCA's.

Be a frequent flipper. If you constantly turn over the meat or chicken - every minute or so, the surface temperature stays lower which reduces HCAs.

By the way, veggie burgers and cooked vegetables create almost none of the chemicals.

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