Auto insurance rates going up

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You may be in for quite a surprise when your auto insurance policy renews this year. Rates are going up across the country – and they’re really soaring here in Washington. There are several reasons for that.

"We've got more people on the roads getting into more expensive accidents,” said Adam Johnson at QuoteWizard.

The national average for car insurance is about $1,222 a year, according to QuoteWizard. Seattle residents pay about $1,668.

QuoteWizard surveyed the big insurance companies and found that since the beginning of 2016, some have increased rates for Washington drivers by as much as 13-16 percent.

So how what can you do?

"Whether you've had a ticket or accidents or you're a clean driver and you're seeing your insurance rates increase, you should compare rates from multiple companies,” Johnson said.

That can really save you a bundle. My policy just came due and my agent saved me hundreds of dollars by comparison shopping. He found a highly-rated company with a much lower price.

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