Alarming spike in parvo around Puget Sound area

Maybe you've heard. There's been an alarming spike in a parvo around the Sound.

Parvo is a nasty viral disease that infects a dog's intestinal tract and bone marrow. It can make a dog, especially a young one very, very sick.

"Loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and eventually death," says Seattle vet Cary Waterhouse.

She says the potentially-deadly virus spreads easily and can live for a long time in contaminated soil or on dog's fur.

"This is a virus that often shed in the feces of infected and even dogs that don't how signs can be shedding the virus," Waterhouse said. "So an unprotected dog could be in a lot of trouble if it comes into contact with the virus."

Animals can also get infected from water dishes, toys and even an owner's hands and clothing. That's why it's so important to make sure your pooch is vaccinated.

Parvo shots are put of a puppy's routine immunization, but booster shots are needed. If you're not sure your dog is protected, check with your vet.

And for now, stay away from places where lots of dogs congregate, such as parks.

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