Acetaminophen over Ibuprofren for easing pre-workout pain

It's no fun to exercise when you're in pain. If you're going to take a pain reliever before your workout, you might want to go with acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, rather than Ibuprofen, that's Advil and Motrin.

Some new research indicates there could be a problem with taking Ibuprofen before strenuous exercise.

We know that strenuous exercise by itself can do a minimal amount of damage to the lining of the stomach in some people. We know that taking Ibuprofen by itself does damage to the lining of the stomach.

"We're worried that the combination of those two things, taking Ibuprofen before you exercise and then vigorous exercise, may do double damage to the stomach and could put you at risk for stomach ulcers," says Dr. John Swatzberg with the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

Dr. Swartzberg says taking Ibuprofen before you exercise may also reduce your body's ability to build new bone and connective tissue, two of the reasons to exercise.

There is no evidence that taking Ibuprofen after you exercise is a problem.

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