A few websites to save money in the new year

It's one of the top New Year's resolutions: To save money in the coming year. Jody Rohlena, senior editor at Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine suggests a few websites that might be able to help.

There are lots and lots of coupons sites: Clipix, Drop Down Deals, and PriceBlink, just to name a few. Rholena says check out

"It highlights the best deals from a bunch of different sites," she said. "So it's kind of like an aggregator for coupon sites. And if you're only going to remember one name, try to remember Coupon Blender."

Rohlena says is really handy.

"You can enter your grocery list in this tool they have called Quick Shop and it will tell you where the things you want to buy are on sale. You can get that list sent your phone, too, so you'll have it when you're in the store."

Other notable sites include: for bulk items at big discounts, for deals on electronics and for trendy clothing styles for less.