15 top security apps for your smartphone

Is it time to add a security app to your mobile device?

You bet, especially if it's an android. Without some protection your smart phone or table could wind up with a nasty virus that could compromise your very personal information.

Our new partners at Consumer Reports just tested 15 security apps that promise to protect android devices.

"We looked at the apps' ease of use and also their versatility, including such features as being able to back up your phone or parental controls," the magazine's Dean Gallea says.

While some of the apps cost as much as 40 dollars a year, Gallea says you don't have to pay for good mobile protection.

"It turns out you can't go by price, because some of the best apps we tested were free, and some of the lower-rated ones were the more expensive ones," says Gallea.

In fact, testers say one of the best is free. It's the Avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus app. It has nice features like parental controls, automatic backup, and an alarm you can activate if your device is lost or stolen.

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