State moves to revoke liquor license for troubled restaurant

SEATTLE -- Waid's Haitian Restaurant and Lounge has been on the radar in the Central District for years. It has also been in the cross hairs of the state and Seattle Police.

Now Waid Sainvil is trying to defend years of legal run-ins and crimes Seattle police and the state say happened on his property, including drug busts, serving alcohol to minors, shootings and assaults.

"I've been going through it for the last eight years, so I'm kind of used to it," he said.

This week, a state administrative judge moved to revoke Waid's liquor license after investigations into under-aged service and having staff without proper credentials. Waid said the "state is lying."

Memos and records obtained by KOMO 4 show that Seattle Police have asked the Liquor Control Board to revoke Waid's license multiple times, citing criminal activity and violations of a settlement agreement.

He admitted to undercover drug busts on the premises.

"Yes, it did happen. This is how it happened. But do you know a bar in Seattle where you cannot get drugs?" Sainvil said.

The LCB says there are still other pending hearings and rulings to come, but Sainvil will have an opportunity to appeal.