Report: Questionable toxin levels found in local toys

SEATTLE -- A new state investigation has uncovered toxins in popular kids toys that have been sold at major retailers. A dozen stores and more than 220 products were tested, including at least one product that needed to be pulled from shelves.

"A lot of chemicals going into these products that really aren't safe and they aren't tested for safety," said Nancy Uding with the Washington Toxic Coalition.

The investigation found some popular items have too much lead, cadmium and other elements inside.

"If companies and manufacturers are going to be selling products that contain these chemicals, they should be making sure that they're safe," Uding said.

In the report listed as "Limit Violations," Toys "R" Us showed up for items like a bendy action figure, an Angry Birds Star Wars pencil case and a Minnie Mouse purse.

The report also singled out sandals found at Old Navy for a chemical found that makes the plastic flexible that could be toxic. The Ecology Department reported the toxic findings and said the sandals were pulled.

Uding doesn't entirely blame the stores.

"Usually they're buying the product from somebody else. They're buying the product and it's made overseas," she said.

It can get murkier online. Amazon was listed in the report too for selling multiple products from three different manufacturers.

Both the state and the Coalition say these studies can only go so far.

"It mostly underscores the fact that we don't know what's going into products like these if we have to have laws like these," Uding said.