Marijuana in City Hall raises questions for city attorney

SEATTLE -- Seattle's city attorney is in charge of enforcing the law, but Pete Holmes now has his own legal questions after he brought marijuana into City Hall.

Holmes was one of the first marijuana buyers in Washington state on Tuesday. A long-time advocate for a change in drug policy, Holmes pushed for legalization.

"I'm here to personally exercise myself this new freedom," he said Tuesday to cheers in front of Cannabis City in Seattle.

After Holmes made the purchase, he took his legal buy back to City Hall.

In a memo sent to city employees on Wednesday, the personnel director reminded them that because the city gets federal money, they have to comply with federal rules for pot use. That means City Hall is a drug-free workplace.

Holmes' office said he "...brought the marijuana he had purchased at Cannabis City with him and secured it in his office. The packages remained there, unopened, until he drove home."

When asked if they knew that Holmes bought the marijuana and brought it to city hall, his office said a "Fit for Duty" test " triggered by behavior, not a legal purchase of marijuana."