Fans line up to buy Seahawks, Sounders license plates

TACOMA, Wash. - Enthusiastic Seahawks fans waited outside the Pierce County Auditor's Office on Thursday morning to buy one of the first license plates to honor the playoff-bound Seattle team.

"I wanted to get here early to get a low number - possibly a player number," said Seahawks fan Jeff Crouse.

The fans were audibly excited when the doors finally opened early at 7 a.m. One by one the they bought their plates from a vehicle vessel licensing technician.

"I feel wonderful. I got 19 (actually 119) and I'm very excited - and go Hawks!" squealed Kimmy Thompson.

The plate sports a team logo on the left and a 12th Man flag on the right. The first 25 were auctioned off last month. The most coveted plate 00012 sold for about $43,000. Other numbers were offered for public sale on Thursday for the first time.

By Thursday evening, the DOL said they had sold 1,810 Seahawks plates and 148 Sounders plates.

Seahawks and Sounders FC license plate will each cost $67.75 for passenger vehicles, $49.75 for motorcycles and small trailers, and $55.75 for a large trailer. This does not include any sub-agent or renewal fees that may be required.

This fee represents the standard Department of Licensing plate fees plus a $40 special license plate fee. Of this, $28 goes to the organization's charity and is tax-deductible, according to a Seahawks news release.

Personalized plates with specialty backgrounds cost $109.75 for passenger vehicles, $91.75 for motorcycles/small trailers, and $97.75 for large trailer plates.

Proceeds from Seahawks plate sales will go to InvestED, a Seattle-based nonprofit that partners with schools statewide to help students from low-income families pay for clothes, shoes, school activity cards, testing fees and other student needs.

Proceeds from Sounders FC plates will benefit Washington State Mentors, a public-private partnership based in Issaquah that provides grants and assistance to youth organizations across the state. A third nonprofit, the Association of Washington Generals is to receive a smaller portion of the Sounders FC plate sales.

"I hope they go all the way - this is the best team," Thompson said.

Seahawks fans say the sale couldn't have come at a better time because of the team's chances for a Super Bowl victory this season.