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Sponsored: Nissan Serves Up Refreshed 2017 Rogue Three Ways

The Nissan Rogue, following three straight years of sales growth since the introduction of the completely redesigned second generation for the 2014 model year, takes another major step forward for 2017 with a new look, enhanced utility and an expanded suite of Nissan Safety Shield technologies.

There’s no denying the increasing popularity of SUVs, and Nissan is getting heavy into the trend with its compact SUV, the Nissan Rogue. There are three different models of Rogue: the standard, the Hybrid and the Sport.

Each of the three come in various trim levels, but there are some features you won’t find on certain models. Below is a breakdown of where you will and won’t find certain popular features.

1.Seven seats

Neither the Sport nor the Hybrid models comes with the seven-seat option the standard Rogue boasts. On the standard Rogue, only the Rogue S and Rogue SV offer the option of third row seating. The Rogue Midnight and SL do not offer the third row of seating and, like the Hybrid and Sport, can comfortably seat five.

2.Maximum torque

The Sport model is smaller than the standard Rogue and costs less but if you want maximum horsepower and torque, it’s the standard Rogue that you want.

The Rogue Sport comes standard with a 2.0L 4-cyl engine that offers 141hp and 147lb.ft. of torque. The standard Rogue comes with a 2.5L 4-cyl engine that offers 170hp and 175lb.ft of torque. Though “sport” often denotes maximum power, in the case of the Rogue family it’s the standard model that packs the most punch.

3.The best fuel economy

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Hybrid offers the best fuel economy, but what might surprise you is that the other two models come so close because of their CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The Rogue Hybrid gets 33/35 city/highway, while the Sport gets 25/32 and the standard gets 26/33. All three models do well on the highway but the Rogue Hybrid sets itself apart when it comes to city miles per gallon.

4.The smallest size

The Rogue Sport is 200lbs lighter than the standard Rogue and foot shorter in length. If space is at a premium where you park and drive, it could be smart to consider the Sport model. Its small size is part of what’s made this model so popular in Europe.

Differences aside, all three Rogue models have won fans who appreciate their versatility in carrying cargo and passengers, their superior safety ratings and their practicality as a comfortable, sensible everyday drive. Plus, with the refreshed styling recently introduced, cruising around in a Rogue has never looked so sleek.

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