Young muscians have a shot at the spotlight with Sound Off!

Jessie Reed with Experience Music Project explains the competition in a nut shell

"It is the raddest, all ages battle of the bands in the Northwest. And that's 21 and under."

In its 13th year, Sound Off! has been a launching pad for aspiring bands from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Idaho.

Reed explains a way for musicians to make it to the next level.

"Network with some really cool music industry types and other very, very serious musicians. It really just is a spotlight for what's happening in the youth music scene."

Sound Off!
has been known to pave the way for young bands to get the attention of labels, play bigger shows, and get radio play.

Although the competition requires the submitted music to be original, and can be from any genres, the audio doesn't have to be professional quality.

"You can record it in your garage or your basement. Or if you have access to a studio you can do that to" Reed says "but its really about your composition and arrangement, your creativity and your technical ability."

The deadline to submit material is Monday, November 4th.

12 bands will be chosen, then battle it out in February leading to the final showdown in the Spring.

Past Sound Off! competitors:


Brite Futures

The Lonely Forest