WSP trooper OK after being knocked down by pickup truck

OLYMPIA, Wash. - A Washington State Patrol trooper suffered scrapes and a sore shoulder when she was knocked down by a pickup truck that grazed her on Highway 101 at Olympia.

Trooper Guy Gill says Trooper Tricia Krantz will recover at home.

Gill says the 12-year veteran was walking back to her patrol car after a traffic stop Monday when she saw the pickup approaching at 60 mph and leaned against her car door. The truck snagged a Taser on her tool belt and knocked her down. The truck driver fled.

Aubriel Kepler was driving and saw it all.

"It was like, 'oh my gosh, he's going to hit that officer,' " Kepler said.

Kepler provided the license that led troopers to 27-year-old Matthew Nye late Monday night. He was arrested and booked for investigation of hit-and-run.

The ex-Marine told detectives he's on medication for PTSD.

"He said he didn't know he hit her but he saw her go to the ground," Gill said.

Troopers say it's part of their job to be out alongside roads where cars are speeding past, and they're always wary -- hoping they don't have a brush with death.

"We talking about a matter of inches from dealing with very serious injury or fatality collision," Gill said.