Wounded warriors from JBLM hit the slopes

SEATTLE -- A handful of wounded soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord are fighting a new battle now, but this time it's on the slopes at Snoqualmie Pass.

Skiing has become a way for the brave men and women to deal with their disabilities while getting to know the world around them again.

All the soldiers were wounded one way or another in combat, including Staff Sgt. Roberto Flores. Flores was shot while serving in Afghanistan, and the bullet left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Flores said skiing has taught him how to cope with his disabilities and heal.

"It gives me a sense of freedom," he said of the slopes.

Flores and his fellow soldiers work together and have fun at Snoqualmie, and they say it's better than any therapy.

The soldiers are able to go skiing thanks to a Seattle-based organization called Outdoors for All, which has been helping veterans and people with disabilities since 1979.

The men and women who volunteer their time to help the soldiers know it's not about them. It's about saying thank you to the soldiers and hopefully putting a smile on their face.

The Outdoors for All ski season lasts seven weeks, and many of the soldiers say they can't wait to sign up for the next activities in spring and summer.