World Vision in motion to help those affected by Oklahoma tornado

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Relief agencies from the Puget Sound region are already directly involved in bringing help to the tornado victims. World Vision in Federal Way is sending people and supplies.

The agency is known for helping overseas, but when disaster strikes in the United States, World Vision is on it.

Their huge warehouse in Fife is full of disaster relief supplies. It doesn't matter where tragedy hits, people need the same basics to survive such as cleanup kits.

"So this will be distributed to the families that can try to get them to put pieces back together," said Reed Slattery of World Vision.

Along with cleaning supplies, there's a hygiene kit with shampoo, body wash, tooth brush, tooth paste, razors; food kits to feed a family of five for a day and trash bags, blankets and tarps.

Truckloads of these supplies are already heading into the tornado zone from the World Vision warehouse in Texas. Antonio Evans is heading to Oklahoma to help hand it out.

He just got back from Hurricane Sandy.

"It's sad. But when you give them that care package or bring them supplies there they are so happy and so grateful for it," Evans said. "So you make a difference in their lives."

Evans will be joining other Federal Way-based World Vision people heading in with an emphasis on helping the children return to a sense of normalcy.

National Disaster Response Director Phyllis Freeman is almost there.

"We want to help them recover, kids, get back to a place that's normal for them with supplies and things like that," she said.

The World Vision call center in Federal Way is taking calls from those who want to help, supporting World Vision's efforts in the tornado devastation area.

"You see that folks are going 'we feel emotionally broken, alone. We don't know what's going to happen next,' " said Romanita Hairston with World Vision. "And when a World Vision truck shows up or a World Vision staff person, people are like' okay, things are start happening.'"

You can call World Vision or go online at