Woman's moving nightmare: 'I don't wish this on anybody'

PACIFIC, Wash. -- A Pacific woman is at wits end after she paid a moving company to get her stuff to a new home, only to have it never arrive.

Karen King has been living with the stress of it all for more than six weeks now, wondering where her things are. She hired Nationwide Trusted Movers to move her belongings from Mountain View, Calif. to Pacific -- that was May 10.

"It's a nightmare," she said. "It's devastating. We've been sleeping on an air mattress for two months."

The mattress is in the living room, where King carefully cradles a new TV on a cat crate and a cooler. She bought a computer, but there's little else in this two bedroom home.

Only the cat can be comfortable eating in the dining room.

"Everything I've ever owned, [Nationwide] have," she said.

She says she paid them $950 to drive her stuff up from the Bay Area.

"And my things were supposed to be here in Pacific by the 13th," she said. May 13th.

When it didn't arrive, King called and was told if she wanted her stuff, she'd have to pay another $1,200 for packaging costs - so she did.

Now out more than $2,100, she turned to the KOMO Problem Solvers.

We gave Nationwide a call, and a customer service manager said they've done nothing wrong. King doesn't have her things because she failed to pay that $1,200 in time -- her payment arrived two days after their truck for Washington left California, the company said.

Nationwide Trusted Movers says King's things would be on the next truck to Washington, perhaps yet this week.

"I wouldn't be surprised at this point if I have anything left," King said. "It's heart breaking to even think about."

She is holding out hope that her things really do show up. If not, she's ready to fight, having documented every payment, phone call and letter exchanged with Nationwide Trusted Movers.

"I don't wish this on anybody," she said.