Woman trapped in car as train rips down live power lines

SHELTON, Wash. - A moving train ripped down live power lines that landed on a woman's car Thursday morning in Shelton, trapping her inside the vehicle for about an hour, officials said.

The incident began at about 10:20 a.m. as a train from the Shelton lumber yard was heading east through the city, said Lt. Les Watson of the Shelton Police Department.

As the train was crossing Cota Street near South 10th Street, a large piece of equipment on the train caught a span of wires that was suspended between the power poles.

The live wires were pulled down by the train as it continued on its way, wrenching power poles down as it went. At least three power poles were pulled over or snapped in half, and others were damaged.

The live wires landed on the car of a woman who apparently was stopped, waiting for the train. She was trapped inside the car for about an hour as emergency personnel responded to the scene and crews cut power to the damaged lines.

The woman eventually was able to drive away unharmed.

Power remains out in the area surrounding the accident and is not likely to be restored until Friday due to the extent of the damage, Watson said.