Woman steps up to help Kent church after car crash

KENT, Wash. -- A local church lost a van in a violent car crash last month, and the one van they had left wasn't big enough to shuttle all the kids in their youth group.

Things were looking dire until one generous person stepped up with a solution.

Shortly before a recent Sunday Samoan service, a car crashed into the New Beginnings Church van, sending several parishioners to the hospital.

"God is so amazing the way he protected me and my passengers," said Loatu Toliniu.

The seven church members survived, but the van didn't. Reverend John Molia prayed for a solution, and on Wednesday his prayers were answered.

"I just say thank you and he laughs," Molia said.

The founder of Brigadoon Service Dogs saw KOMO's original story on the crash and felt the need to help. As it happens, her group had recently outgrown its old Ford.

"If somebody else could use it, why not?" said Denise Costanten.

Constanten drove from Bellingham to Kent to deliver the good news.

"It would mean a lot to know that she's helping somebody else," Costanten said of the van.

The van that transported service dogs to soldiers suffering from PTSD will now take church members to service, youth groups to activities and bread to neighbors.

"I have not enough words to say thank you, very much on behalf of our church and God will bless you," Molia said to Constanten.

From a group that praises dogs to one that praises God, the 1996 Ford has found a new mission.

"That's what it's all about, helping each other," Constanten said.