Woman sentenced to 34 years for brutal murder of Navy vet

SEATTLE -- The woman who helped rob and kill a 70-year-old Navy veteran in 2011 was sentenced Friday to 34 years in prison.

Brenda Nicholas was already facing more than 50 counts of theft for allegedly bilking an elderly woman out of more than $1 million when she was charged in the stabbing death of Francis Patrick Flemming.

Flemming was found dead Dec. 8, 2011 inside his apartment at the Four Freedoms House in Bitter Lake. Prosecutors said Nicholas, along with associates Charles Jungbluth and Gilda Ramirez, killed Flemming in order to steal his valuable coin collection.

Nicholas, 47, had already been charged with manipulating an 85-year-old Seattle woman out of $1,088,500 in cash during a nearly two-year period. It was through that woman that investigators believe Nicholas first came into contact with Flemming.

Jungbluth pleaded guilty to first degree murder and is awaiting sentencing. Ramirez pleaded guilty to second degree theft and attempted theft in an unrelated case.