Woman says Federal Way officers beat her, they say force necessary

FEDERAL WAY -- A woman in Federal Way claims in 911 calls that she was brutalized by police during a traffic stop.

Now Megan Graham wants justice, while an independent review determines if two Federal Way officers, a man and a woman, were justified in using force.

The officers are telling a very different story in the police report than Graham- one where the she tried to punch and even scratch them.

Based on that information, King County prosecutors decided to charge Graham with third-degree assault.

Police say an officer stopped the woman at the Forest Cove Apartments after he noticed she was driving and talking on her cell phone with out a hands-free device.

When the officer approached the woman, that's when they say she became aggressive.

"I'm being attacked by this man who says he's a police officer," she is heard saying on a recording of a 911 call.

Graham made the 911 call as the officer tried to arrest her for a traffic violation. Police say that officer was in full uniform and drove a marked vehicle.

The 911 records show that part of the exchange went like this:

Police officer: "You're under arrest."

Graham: "No, you attacked me before you said anything."

Officer: "You're under arrest."

Graham: "No, you attacked me."

When the officer returned to his patrol car to do a driver's check that's when police say Graham got out of her car. The officer told her to get back in but police say she refused and walked away.

This woman says she witnessed the entire incident and tells a different story than police.

When a back-up officer arrived police say Graham attempted to punch him twice in the face then scratched the other officer.

"You grabbed my hand, you're twisting it when I told you I can not be under here there is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that especially with my condition so how dare you even touch me," Graham said in the 911 call.

Graham suffers from mental illness and hearing impairment, her husband said.

But Jewell McGill, a bystander who says she witnessed the incident tells a different story than police.

"When he pulled in she was already parked and then he pulled up behind her," she said. "He (the officer) came flying out of his car and hit her in the face twice."

She said she did not see Graham hit the officer at all.

"It's very awful. Very awful. You're here to protect and serve, not protect and make lies," McGill said.

Police say after the struggle they got Graham on the ground and arrested her.

The two Federal Way officers will stay on duty while the investigation is conducted.