Woman charged with fraud after scamming disabled vet

TACOMA, Wash. - A Tacoma military veteran is charged in federal court with stealing thousands of dollars from a fellow disabled vet.

Investigators claim Rebecca Bjorneby stole a fellow veteran's identity, then hit banks and ATM's while the victim lay in a nursing home bed.

Prosecutors say Bjorneby doesn't know the victim who is currently under 24-hour care.

According to court documents, Bjorneby is charged with stealing the veteran's identity to create a fake social security card, Washington driver's license, veteran's affairs ID card, and a medical marijuana card.

Investigators say she accessed the veteran's online V.A. account to transfer his disability money onto debit cards.

Federal prosecutors claim Bjorneby used those debits cards to buy gifts, withdraw cash, and apply for personal loans.

Prosecutor's also say the suspect told one bank over the phone she had no legs, and was legally deaf and blind in order to speed-up the process.

Investigators say the real victim lives inside a nursing home with disabilities so severe he can't even sign his own name.

Investigators also searched Bjorneby's home and storage facility in Auburn for computer files and documents.

Bjorneby refuses to speak, but KOMO investigators found she belongs to a website called, where she posted, "I have been up to nothing at all except trying to survive out here... But I am livin' it up havin' fun."

Bjorneby has been arrested and released. She faces one count each of identity theft, mail fraud and wire fraud.

This could change, as investigators claim she also has used this scam on a second veteran and three other people.