Woman allegedly stole from elderly parents, kept mom tied to bed

REDMOND, Wash. -- A 65-year-old Redmond woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing $67,000 from her elderly parents, depriving them of food and medication, and keeping her mother strapped into a makeshift crib for up to 12 hours per day.

Detectives started investigating the woman back in August 2011 after the Redmond Police Department received a request to check on the welfare of an elderly woman.

According to police, detectives uncovered the daughter had been given power of attorney over her parents, who suffered from dementia, and was being paid $3,000 per month to care for them.

Despite that, she kept her 89-year-old mother strapped to her bed or to her wheelchair, only unstrapping her to use the restroom, and failed to provide proper food and medication for both her mother and her 92-year-old father, according to police.

The woman's parents were removed from her care during the investigation and are now at an adult care facility in Monroe.

Officer Mike Dowd with the Redmond Police Department said the complex case took an especially lengthy investigation because the woman did have power of attorney over her parents and detectives had to pore through the woman's finances.

She is now facing possible charges of unlawful imprisonment and theft.