Wolfgang Puck Cafe's Easter Eggs

      A signature dish served at the Wolfgang Puck Caf.

      6 Hard boiled Eggs (or 18 quail eggs)
      4 oz Cold Smoked Salmon
      2 oz cream cheese
      1 tsp minced chives
      Salt and pepper to taste
      Small package "micro" green or baby spring mix lettuce



      1. To boil eggs, place in pot and cover with cold water and 1 tbsp salt. Bring to a hard boil for 1 minute and turn off heat. Let stand for 12 minutes, then drain and submerge into ice water to cool. (If using quail eggs, drain and chill after 6 minutes.)

      2. Carefully peel eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Remove yolk. Set aside the hollowed egg white.

      3. Place salmon, egg yolk, and cream cheese in a food processor and puree until smooth and creamy. Fold in chives and add salt and pepper as desired.

      4. Spoon or pipe salmon cream into eggs. Garnish each egg with a pinch of "micro" greens or petite lettuces.

      5. Serve at once or store in fridge and use with in 24 hours.


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