Witness to Downtown attack: 'I was just yelling 'Stop! Stop!''

SEATTLE -- Cell phone video has surfaced of a brutal assault that occurred near Pike Place Market Friday night.

Police say the 16-second attack started when a 19-year-old man punched the victim and knocked him to the ground. He then stomped on the victim's face. A 20-year-old man joined in, kicking the victim in the head multiple times, police said.

"I wanted them to stop," said one of the witnesses who saw the attack. "In fact, I was in the car just yelling 'Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"

The witnesses, who want to be anonymous, saw the attack while trying to drive through the intersection.

"The amazing thing was all this is going on and people are just watching and carrying on as though it's not happening," one witness said.

Police haven't said what may have provoked this brutal attack

"They weren't just kicking, they were kicking him in the head stomping him in the jumping on him," a witness said.

Officers later identified one of the suspects as Jodeci Johnson. Johnson made his first court appearance Monday afternoon, but he's not the only one facing charges. Police say Jaquan Jackson kicked the victim in the head and body at least 10 times. Police say he then walked away, leaving the victim lying motionless on the ground.

"It was horrific," a witness said. "Nothing prepares for seeing this happening in actuality."

The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center where doctors worried about his chances of surviving, but a nursing supervisor said the victim was discharged from the hospital Sunday.

"I am praying for his recovery, a speedy, full recovery," the witness said. "And I hope there's some way he can forget what happened and somehow forgive those people so he doesn't have to live with this tragedy for the rest of his life."

After the attack, the women drove around the streets in this area until they saw the suspects, then called 911.

Both Johnson and Jackson are being held on $750,000 bail.