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Why Silver Prices Are So High And How You Can Cash In

1. There's plenty of it. Approximately 17 times more silver than gold exists in the world. However, you can still earn some real cash for selling your silver coins, silver jewelry or sterling silver.

2. It makes a pretty picture. We all agree that silver's attractive, but did you know that photographic film requires silver to help capture light and form images?

3. Silver lets you see yourself clearly. As one of the most reflective metals in the world, silver is used regularly in high-end mirrors.

4. It keeps the world warm. Out of all the metals on earth, silver is king in conducting heat. Take a look at your rear windshield defroster. See those lines? They're made of silver.

5. Silver's skinny. Here's a trick for the scientists. A single grain (about 65 mg) of silver can be compressed into a sheet 150 times thinner than paper.

6. It helps burn victims. In hospitals, doctors use silver to help regrow skin in patients who have been severely burned or lost large patches of skin.

7. Silver keeps you healthy, part 1. Silver's natural antibacterial properties can help prevent the spread of disease. And bacteria don't develop immunity to silver, which makes this precious metal more powerful than other antibiotics.

8. Silver keeps you healthy, part 2. Remember that old saying, "born with a silver spoon in his mouth"? Although now it's commonly taken to mean that a child was born into wealth, it used to refer to a healthy child. Because of silver's germ-killing properties, children who were fed with silver spoons were typically healthier babies.

9. It plays well with others. Because silver is a soft metal like gold, artists combine it with other metals such as platinum or nickel to craft jewelry that stands the test of time.