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What to do to Make it Through

Recent disasters have shown just how much we count on firefighters, police and other first responders to keep us safe. They've also revealed the strains placed on our emergency personnel during times of crisis. Today, more than ever we need to be able to help ourselves and our neighbors the first few days after a disaster.

Catastrophes can happen at any time. Here in the Puget Sound region we are at risk for a variety of disasters including major storms and even small earthquakes. Preparing for three days will help you make it through many of the disasters we face in this region- However, to make it through a major catastrophelike Hurricane Sandy or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan- you'll need to be prepared for longer- at least 7 to 10 days. By having a plan and being prepared, you can increase the chances of survival for you and your family - not to mention gain peace of mind knowing you're in control.

Local agencies across the Puget Sound have teamed up to share information and encourage residents to prepare for catastrophic events with a regional campaign, What to do to Make it Through.More details are available on the campaign website, The site includes videos, stories with catastrophe survivors, emergency checklists and tips on how to build a supply kit on a shoestring budget. Information about upcoming preparedness events and trainings are also available on the site.