'We've gotten used to hearing a metallic crunch in the middle of the night'

SEATTLE -- A series of recent crashes in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood has residents asking the city to do more to protect everyone's safety.

"We've gotten a little bit used to hearing a metallic crunch in the middle of the night," said resident David Loseno, who is now trying repair the fence in his yard after an alleged drunken driver drove through it a few weeks ago.

"It was quite the commotion," said Loseno.

The crashes are happening along the curve at 5th Ave. W. and W. Raye Street, just a few blocks from Coe Elementary.

"My big concern is what do we do about people that are speeding through the neighborhood and particularly late hours," said Mary DaSilva who started a petition to encourage the city to take action.

DaSilva lives along the curve - her vehicle was damaged a few weeks ago during a hit and run.

"It's the second time it's happened to my car and it's frustrating," said DaSilva.

Along the arterial, there are also signs of damage on the trees and scattered debris from vehicles. A motorcyclist died at the curve in March 2004 after crashing into a tree. According to city records, the motorcyclist was driving under the influence.

According to the Seattle Department of Transportation there have been six collisions in the area during the last three years.

"That's actually a relatively low rate of collisions for an arterial roadway," said SDOT spokesman Rick Sheridan. "However, based on the resident's concerns about the operation of this road we are going to analyze it in early 2014."

During the review, SDOT will examine the collision history along the arterial, collect data about traffic volume and speeds and then determine whether there is a problem that needs additional remedies, said Sheridan.

Neighbors say drivers often use the arterial to get from Ballard to Queen Anne. They're also concerned about the number of impaired drivers who use the stretch of road and the number of crashes that go unreported.