West Seattle hit with rash of home burglaries

SEATTLE -- Police say thieves are running wild in West Seattle, burglarizing more than a dozen homes this week alone.

Detectives have tallied at least 13 burglaries at West Seattle homes in the past few days, though that number could be as high as 16 because it appears some homes were hit twice.

The alarming trend has a lot of neighbors feeling defenseless and exposed.

A local alarm company is now going door-to-door dropping off advertisements for home security systems.

One burglary victims said her door was dead bolted, but the burglars were able to kick it down and steal her laptop computer.

She's asking neighbors if anybody has a home surveillance system that may have captured images of the crooks.

Another woman said West Seattle seems safe, but that's an illusion.

"I've heard that there have been a lot of house break-ins, especially along Beach Drive, and I live a block from Beach Drive. I think I know for me, being in West Seattle, I think I have a false sense of security," said Lisa Van De Vate.

Seattle police say property crimes are an ongoing problem in the city, but they have not seen a clear spike in criminal activity so fare.