Weekend Hike Assignment: Seward Park

Your hike assignment this weekend is Seward Park, Seattle's gem on Lake Washington.

Seward park is a 300 acre peninsula jutting out into Lake Washington. The park's most used feature is a 2.4 mile trail along the lake. Part of the perimeter trail used to be open to cars, so it's wide enough for bikes and walkers and dogs to share comfortably.

My favorite hike at Seward Park is the series of trails that weave through the interior. Seward Park has the largest stand of old growth trees in the city, and it's hard to remember that you're even in a city when you're in a forrest like this.

Seward Park also has a large meadow, swimming beaches, a pretty nice playground for the kids. There is lots of parking available, but it is a city park so don't leave valuables in your car.

Have a great weekend! Get out and enjoy it!

Seward Park is located at 5895 Lake Washington Blvd. S
Here is more info on the park from the city.
Here is more on the history of the park from the great folks at History Link.

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