Weekend Hike Assignment: Marymere Falls

This weekend's hike assignment is Marymere Falls in Olympic National Park. The trail head is three hours from Seattle, located on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula on highway 101. Here is a map. Olympic National Park is big, like almost a million acres big. While most of the park is wild and inaccessible by car, there is plenty to see all along the perimeter for dayhikers and campers. Highlights include the Hoh rainforest, Pacific beaches, Lake Crescent, and Hurricane Ridge. There are literally hundreds of weekend hike assignments out there. But we have to start somewhere. Driving around Lake Crescent on 101 is one of the prettiest in the northwest, a long windy highway next to a deep blue glacial lake. Halfway along the lake is the Marymere Falls ranger station and trail head. There is good access to Lake Crescent here, as well as places to picnic and the all important road trip restrooms. The hike to the falls is relatively easy, just under a mile and mostly flat. There are some stairs at the end near the falls and they are usually wet so watch your step. There trail weaves through old-growth forest and along Falls Creek and Barnes Creek. Marymere Falls should be just one stop on a bigger trip through Olympic National Park. Have a good weekend, and happy hiking! Here is a link to the National Park's Lake Crescent page. Previous Weekend Hike Assignments:The Arboretum's Azalea Way
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