'We prayed for them': Seattle church hit with gang graffiti

SEATTLE - A Central District church was just one of several buildings defaced with graffiti Saturday night or early Sunday.

People in the area say the messages don't appear to be malicious, but it has some on the community on edge.

At least four buildings were spray-painted in one block. It appears the vandals used the same message at each location.

"It was startling. It was kind of like, 'Oh, what is that?'" says Pavi Givens, pastor's assistant at Mount Cavalry Christian Center.

That was her reaction Sunday morning when she arrived and saw a message spray-painted across the church.

"Once I was able to make out it wasn't a threat, and it wasn't anything profane, then it was like - OK, at least it wasn't something contrary to faith and it wasn't saying something threatening," says Givens.

Across the street, the church's teen center was also tagged. Restaurant Med Mix, on the same block, had writing across the building and windows.

Seattle police say the graffiti appears to be gang-related. Officers took photos then forwarded the information to gang detectives.

In the meantime, business owners are left cleaning up the vandalism - and hope it doesn't happen again.

Says Givens: "We prayed for them, and we prayed that they would have the appropriate place to express their art, because it's not the walls of the church or other people's property."