Water main break wreaks havoc in Kirkland

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A Friday night water main break in Kirkland damaged city streets and sent thousands of gallons of water into the roadway.

The break happened at roughly 7 p.m. at 3rd Avenue and 5th Street, which is about two blocks away from Kirkland City Hall.

During the 45 minutes it took to turn off the water, Kirkland Fire Battalion Chief Mike Haschak said approximately 1,000 gallons of water was pouring into the road every minute.

The break was powerful enough to lift the roadway about four inches in some spots. The water damaged a portion of 3rd Avenue, and Haschak fears it may have created a sinkhole.

A 100-foot long stretch of 3rd Avenue is closed to traffic, and there's no word on when the road will reopen. The city's Public Works Department is handling the cleanup.