Water leak spews for hours from Kirkland restaurant

KIRKLAND, Wash. - A toilet malfunction sent water spewing through a Kirkland restaurant and out into a parking lot for several hours Thursday morning.

Fire crews responded to the scene, the Pho House restaurant at 12026 NE 85th Street, but were unable to stop the leak because the owner was not there and they did not have permission to enter the property.

The leak apparently began at about 1:30 a.m. and was still flowing through the restaurant and out the front door as of 6 a.m. With subfreezing temperatures in place, the water was freezing to ice as it pooled along the sidewalk and ran across the pavement.

A friend of the owner eventually showed up and was attempting to shut off the water.

The cause of the leak was first suspected to be a pipe burst from freezing temperatures. But it turns out that it was caused by a flooding toilet and a clogged floor drain.