Was that Johnny Depp?! Could have been -- he was spotted in Seattle

If you thought you may have spied a shaggy-looking celebrity at the Salish in Seattle last week, you might have been right -- Johnny Depp reportedly dined at the lodge and spa in late February, according to the Seattle Met, as well as the restaurant's Twitter account.

What was he doing here? Rumor has it he's got a cameo in the set-for-2014 film, "Lucky Them," which is filming in West Seattle, on Capitol Hill and in Belltown, says the Office of Film + Music.

Depp isn't the only celeb you may be spying in the area -- also included in the cast of "Lucky Them" are Toni Collette, Thomas Haden and Seattle's own Lynn Shelton. The film is reported to be Paul Newman's final project.