Wanna Get Away? Lookout Provides True Peace and Quiet

Perched atop Evergreen Mountain in the Skykomish National Forest, there's a room with a REAL view. And it's about as far away as you can get from the city, yet only a few hours from downtown Seattle.

"The moon was going up and the sun was going down," recalls Shawn D'Amelio. "We couldn't believe this."

D'Amelio and her husband Chris first discovered this place online 4 years ago. They began renting this former fire lookout four years ago.

The roughly 10 by 10 foot cabin sits 5,500 feet in the air, surrounded by several mountains. It's the only place you can see all these peaks at the time time. The lookout rents for 50-bucks a night, and easily sleeps 4-6.

A bad storm washed-out the road to the lookout a few years ago. But the road has been rebuilt, and the Skykomish Ranger District is re-welcoming those searching for adventure, and a little time alone in the middle of the forest.

Watch the video above and experience the view, and to find out more about the hike and renting the Evergreen Mountain Lookout, visit the Forest Service site.